Our Values

It isn’t enough to provide a service.
A company needs to have heart & soul.
We believe character matters.

  • Approaching things with curiosity

    At Wild, we choose to approach life with curiosity. This is also how we handle your business. We want to learn from you, and your experiences, and you'll never find a "holier than thou" attitude with our company.

  • Straight talk

    At Wild, we will never try to sell you a plan or anything you don't actually need. We'd rather make less and see you prosper than sell you something you don't need which distracts you from your actual business. We tell it like it is and keep your story in focus.

  • We’re nice

    We don't trash the previous efforts on your site, marketing, or search engine optimization. We all make decisions with the information we have at the time, and we never tear apart what's been done in order to make ourselves look better. We stand by our time-tested methodology and build on what's been done before us.

  • Finding the best

    We will always propose to you good, better, and best scenarios. We would rather choose the right way than the easy way of accomplishing your goals. No shortcuts, only success that will last.

  • We think long-term

    The design community in Canada is a small one, even smaller here in Winnipeg. We want to build friendships and business relationships that foster a long-term approach. Your business changes over time, we want to change with you.

  • Take time for what’s important

    Your family, your business, are way more important than our needs. Look after them first. We want to be a compliment to your life and not a distraction, so we work with your time-frames and a schedule that is manageable by your business.

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